MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 17 Plus HD V. [with All Plug-ins & Addons]

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 17 Plus HD первый в мире видео-редактор для работы с 3D видео. Редактирование видео, как обычно, в 2D, создавать удивительные 3D фильмы, которые будут очаровывать аудиторию, и знайте, 4-й уровень редактирования видео: скорость! Используйте самый быстрый видео редактор MAGIX Movie Edit Pro, и вы будете получать превосходные результаты в мгновение ока.

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Plus HD now offers more: the powerful editing tools, unique, intuitive user interface, advanced technology and advanced features, more than 1000 special effects, video transitions and templates; 99 tracks, professional sound; MultiCam editing, support for Full HD for HDV and AVCHD Camcorder and many new improvements will help make all your video into an exciting movie.

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Plus a powerful tool serving for video editing, has an excellent set of tools for working with video, and at the same time, the program is simple and easy to learn and use. With this program you can import video from a camera, to edit the material, add effects and titles, working with sound, to create menus for DVD, and all that can be done with video editing. The latest version is completely redesigned interface, the ability to upload videos to online streaming video services, added support for AVCHD video, it is possible to create Blu ray discs with animated menus.

In structure editors have large libraries of audio and video effects, the possibility of creating subtitles and recording function for VCD, SVCD, DVD and mini DVD (support for recording on multiple disks). There is a limit on file size and can work with files larger than 4GB.

Key features:
The engine is a real time for the free creation of the fragments and the sequence
Dolby Digital Sound in its original format (Stereo or 5.1 Surround). Write to the disk without re calculation
Complete handling AVCHD.
Editing MultiCam (2 cameras).
Individual design effects and magnetic objects
3D Transitions and powerful effects
Generator titers (more than 30 templates)
16 tracks, more than 1400 of the universal effects and templates
Animated menus for Blu ray.
Creation of CD and DVD in 16:9 format with animated menus
Intuitive controls the creation and editing of sequences
Auto editing with a choice of more than 15 themes
Improved optimization of image and sound to create impressive videos
Easy color (Farbrad).
Simplified management of key personnel.
Batch processing.
New menu templates (including Blu ray).

More than 50 new features:
Enhanced performance for video editing
Shorter download video projects
Download video directly to Facebook
AVCHD Import Wizard with preview
A modern user interface design
New export wizard with a clear choice
Video Monitor zoom and tracker outside the image area
Make up effects: the use of video effects in some areas
Optimized use of memory for 64 bit systems
Full import feature for many 3D models with camera
Full Stereo3D Workflow
Preview and access to all standard 3D Display

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 17 Plus is the worlds first 3D video editing program. Edit your videos as usual in 2D, create breathtaking 3D movies that captivate your audience, and experience the 4th dimension of video editing: speed! With the fastest MAGIX Movie Edit Pro of all time, you will get perfect results in a flash. Only MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 17 Plus offers the unique combination of powerful editing tools, professional effects templates, extensive audio dubbing and individual customization options.

Transform your best video recordings into exciting theater quality films in a flash with MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 17, including background music, animated transitions, captions, and cinema quality effects! Simply import your video material into your PC, cut and edit it however you like, and then burn it directly to disc including professionally animated menus for DVDs and Blu ray discs.

Modern functions such as MultiCam editing for multiple cameras, sensational secondary color correction and a completely reworked, professional DVD and Blu ray authoring make MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 17 Plus the best Movie Edit Pro to date.

More than 1,000 special effects, cinematic transitions and templates included
Advanced audio dubbing: Dolby Digital 5.1 Mixer and much more
Full HD support: for HDV and AVCHD camcorders
99 tracks, MultiCam editing, travel route animation, and much more
Present your videos on TV, on the go or online

More than 50 new features:
Improved performance during video editing
Faster loading times for video projects
Upload videos directly to Facebook
AVCHD import assistant with preview function
Redesigned user interface in modern design
Redesigned export assistant with clear selection
Video monitor zoom and tracker outside the monitor window
Effects masks: Apply video effects to selected areas
Optimized memory usage on 64 bit systems
And much more ...

NEW! Stereo3D:
World premiere! Full Stereo3D workflow
Full import functions for many 3D camera models
Editing of own 3D recordings made, for example, with two cameras
Real 3D fades and titles for your 3D video projects
Preview and output to all conventional 3D display devices
Output in all formats (DVD, Blu ray Disc, file, YouTube, etc.)

Supported import formats:
Video: AVI, DV AVI, MPEG 1, MPEG 2, MPEG 4, MTS, M2TS, MXV, MJPEG, QuickTime, WMV (HD), MKV
Audio: WAV, MP3, OGG, WMA, MIDI, DolbyDigital Stereo, DolbyDigital 5.1
Images: JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIF, TGA (supports scanners and digital photo cameras [TWAIN])

Supported export formats.
Video: AVI, DV AVI, MJPEG, MPEG 1, MPEG 2, MPEG 4, QuickTime, WMV (HD)
Audio: WAV, MP3, DolbyDigital Stereo, DolbyDigital 5.1
Images: JPEG, BMP

Supported devices:
IEEE1394/FireWire/DV/i.Link interface for use with DV / HDV camcorders
USB camcorder (DVD / hard disk / memory card) and webcams
VfW or DirectShow compatible video, TV or graphics cards with video input
WDM compatible TV tuner cards, DirectX9 and BDA driver compatible DVB T / S tuner cards
Blu ray, DVD R/RW, DVD R / RW, DVD RAM, or CD R/RW burners

System requirements
Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7
Minimum system requirements:
Intel Core Duo with 1.83 GHz, AMD Dual Core with 2.0 GHz
1 GB hard disk memory for program installation
Multi channel sound card recommended for Surround sound editing
Minimum requirements for AVCHD / HD editing:
Intel Core 2 quad processor with 2.83 GHz (Intel Core i7 recommended)
DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics card, min. 512 MB graphics card space or more and Pixelshader 2.0 ATI X300 or higher, NVIDIA GeForce 6600 or higher
Blu ray burner to create Blu ray Discs
System requirements for 3D playback:
Red / cyan glasses required for anaglyph 3D display (included).
A special monitor is needed for viewing using polarized filter glasses.
A 120 Hz monitor or a projector as well as compatible shutter glasses and graphics card are required for shutter playback.

Размер: 4.05 Gb
Язык: мульти
Таблетка: присутствует

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